Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Staying in Ireland

That's right I'm not coming back.

Okay, not really. I wish I could though. This trip as cemented for me that I need to get into a school in Ireland (Trinity or Cork) or in the UK.

I'll do a bigger summary when I get back and aren't paying a euro per 10 minutes, but I adore Dublin and Cork. (Westport was grand as well.) Belfast was... depressing. Not even Derry was that depressing. All the walls in the city and the emptiness of the streets after a certain time.

Everyone else went pubbing tonight (we're back in Belfast) but I was abounded since I needed to check my flight status and drop off some stuff at the hotel. Oh well. I'll have some bailey's in the lobby and read one of my new Doctor Who books.

Next time I right it will be stateside. Till then!

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