Thursday, September 27, 2007

I miss my English Classes

I just realized what's been bugging me about this semester. I don't have a single English Class. No Chaucer, no Shakespeare, nadda. No wonder I'm reading everything I can get my hands on and doing Latin exercises like it is going out of style.

This also comes to the heart of my ongoing History or English grad school debate. Which way do I go? I love them both when it comes to the Middle Ages (and I adored my Shakespeare class but I think that's my love of theatre in part).

I need to sit down write up a long post about this if only to try and work some more things through in my head. I also need to sit down with our fab new Medievalist and ask her some advise, not to mention talk to the Medievalists in the English deparment as well.

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theswain said...

Might I suggest getting a Masters in Medieval Studies and postponing the final choice until PhD level?