Monday, October 23, 2006

Idle Worry

I'm nervous as anything about the two papers that should be handed back tomorrow. I always feel like this over the first essays, in class or otherwise. All those lovely little what ifs come out to play and leaves me biting my nails to the quick and worrying my cuticals, which is just a lovely habit.

Also I'm slightly paranoid about suddenly having all these people seemingly reading this blog and not commenting. Its the same feeling you have when you get a paper back with no comments at all on it. Even if you got an A, you're still left wondering 'well what did you think'? I love peer reviews as much as I hate them because I love getting comments on my stuff. I want to be smacked when I have a stupid idea or am going up the wrong alley.

In general I worry to much about things I shouldn't worry about. The more I can't control it the more I worry over it. Though right now those butterflies in my stomach could have more to do with having not eaten all day then anything else. Whoops.

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