Monday, January 22, 2007

Because I'm a Masochist

The bare bones: The Honors College is sponsoring a study abroad in Ireland for which I have applied for a spot.

The 'meat': I have applied for the Honors College and the trip to Ireland. I also have never written essay that quickly before in my life (and really does anyone actually read these application essays?). If accepted to the Honors College I get to write a senior thesis and perhaps lose my mind.

The in-class part would start a day after get back from K'zoo. My boss just might kill me, but in my favor is the fact that no one else will WORK with my after-school kids (which isn't fair to them because really they're no worse than the other primary class. Though if my on co-workers son is there today I might scream because he is a handful and a half). So if she kills me, well she has to find someone else to work my shift and she hates hiring new people.

In other news I have the last four books of Confessions to read for tomorrow.

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