Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why Are You In This Class Again?

There is a girl in my Shakespeare class who I just might have to murder before the end of the semester.

It's bad enough she seems to think one film class makes her an authority, but she's rude. Very rude.

She whispers with her friends while the Prof is talking, talks OVER the Prof to the point of not letting her talk, and not to mention being dismissive of anything anyone else says. This young lady also thinks that this course will be a 'essay A'.

Also I'd like to smack her over the head with this:

Throne of Blood =/= German Silent Films
Kurosawa =/= Not liked in Japan, because OMG Western ideas
Scotland PA =/= Clueless
Bio/Poly Sci major =/= English/History major

And yes of COURSE you're expect to have somewhat decent grammar in a response paper for a senior level class.

I am pleased that the Professor went over how to quote lines from a play with us. It nice to have it easily accessible in my notes then digging through MLA.

On a different note: Happy Birthday Virgina Woolf, hope wherever you are you and Katherine Mansfield are having a few drinks.

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