Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dublin day two

Second day in Dublin. My legs and feet will never be the same, but I'm having a blast. I've been to the Guinness Brewery of course, did that the first day out (hey free beer!). Trinity College and the Book of Kells started off today, along with a trip to Dublin Castle.

The Book of Kells was even more amazing up close. The exhibit and the long room were worth the trip to Dublin itself. Dublin castle was fun too, especially seeing the Norman and Viking ruins under the 'Castle'. Sad to say the Medieval stuff interest me more than anything else.

Had a rather good lunch at some restaurant above a pub (can't remember the name, the Quay I think). We had some good wings. Yesterday we had fish and chips. Very good but not enough vinger for my tastes. Next time I'll just get a bottle.

We've had the cutest travel guides for both Trinity College and Dublin Castle. Hope that luck holds!

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