Friday, May 11, 2007

KaZoo Post

So I've manage to have a connection however weak in my room.

Though it isn't all that late (translation: come kidnap me I want a beer) I'm in my room.

I've had a great conference so far, though I have to say the three I saw today were much better than the session I attended yesterday. The gaming workshop aside, which was a ton of fun.

Sorry to miss a lot of you at the weblog session but the MEMO session called me away.

I promise a much more put together (with missing details because hello I'm already very obvious who I am but I do have some sense) KaZoo report later.

Oh...anyone leaving monday?


medieval woman said...

Were you at the blogger breakfast?? I didn't get to meet you did I??? :(

History Geek said...

I got there a bit late so I missed alot of people. :(