Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A is for Apple, V is for Vote

Even more yummy when sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and paired with a tall glass of ice cold milk.

In something that will interest more than just my mother (look mom I'm eating an apple!), I voted for the first time at a 'major' polling place. In the past I've lived in much smaller area with only a few polling places. There the chance of running into a candidates was pretty much nill. Here? I had to run the gauntlet of candidates, people wanting me to sign stuff, and guy with a Kinky sign handing out bumper stickers.

The ballot was long as hell, but I refuse to vote straight party even if they claimed you could still vote for individuals that weren't in your party on the ballot too (I'm an untrusting soul).

Now I will settle in to do some reading for classes and papers. Later I will watch the election episode of Futrama if CN doesn't show it.

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