Sunday, November 05, 2006

Romance of the Rose and Vacuum Cleaners?

Now there are two things that normal aren't put together, huh? (Unless your copy of Romance of the Rose needs a good cleaning or you just rather vacuum the book up than read it. There would be a new excuse for professors: "My vacuum ate it.")

My Hover has died. Well it still technically 'works' in the sense that when you turn it on it makes noise and pretends to be cleaning. The fact is it isn't actually picking up anything. I've cleaned the filters, changed the bag, checked for obstructions, checked the brushes, and still it will not clean worth a damn. It's had a long run, as it was my mum's before it was mine, but I think its time for a new one.

I need something that will clean carpets and tile floors, any one have any suggestions?
Also I'm looking to pick up my own copy of Romance of the Rose, but I'm not sure which translation to pick up. Which translation to you own, or teach with?

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