Thursday, November 09, 2006


A Letter to my University:

Dear University I attend,

Why when you finally offer a history class that's remotely focused on the medieval period, does the class have to be on a Saturday?

Also please to stop making the interesting classes in the English department 5000 level? I want to take that class on Chaucer's Literary Geography.

I would like to thank you for allowing me to charge my prescription to my college account.

Some Love,

Stop taking all my money.

No love,

Pretty boysPeople down stairs having a party,

Please stop having fun. No fun allowed on a school night. Wait one more bloody day will you.

You can keep your shirts off by the way.

Wishing you all looked at least the drinking age, so I wouldn't feel so much like a dirty old woman,


No one but you will probably notice that you'll be wearing the wrong period clothing when you show up for the roleplaying as Eleanor of Aquitaine
. You do not have the money to buy something or the skill to make something.

Deal with it.

No Love,
Your Bank Account

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