Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Because a good medieval tradition shouldn't die...

Per Omnia Saecula as something called Weird Medieval Animal Monday (or WMAM), where she features...well weird medieval animals.

Now in today's modern world we certainly couldn't have anything similar to those weird oddity of Medieval bestiaries could we?

Monkey Bees.

No really. Monkey Bees.

Yes, I'm talking about the weird, stupid, and what-were-they-on animals of D&D.

Join Jared as he takes his readers through 30 YEARS OF VERY STUPID MONSTERS.

Check out the end of the article for a shout out to Pliny the Elder and the Bonnacon.

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Jennifer Lynn Jordan said...

While acknowledging the risk of revealing myself to be irrevocably nerdy, I had some friends trying to teach me D&D a while back, and while I couldn't get the hang of it, I was astounded by the array of weird-ass animals that frankly put medieval bestiaries to shame!