Monday, October 08, 2007

RIP Drier

My drier has officially died. It will spin no more, no matter what I do. Heat its got aplenty but it will not spin. Not to mention all the clothing that was in the drier at the time smell like a burnt up motor.

The worst part is that being its a stackable ventless dyer. Replacing it is going to be a pain and expensive. I've talked to my mum who is going to help me out a bit with the cost, not to mention letting me to laundry out her place for a while.

I, at least, have enough jeans to get through this week. So there's that.

Back to my paper.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say anything, if you hadn't posted above about cheeky freshmen taking 4000-level seminar courses. Since you did climb on the academic high horse (which is okay), you MUST watch your spelling. Pesky misspelled words--"dyer" instead of dryer not once but three times, including the title of the post--affect your credibility.

History Geek said...

Wouldn't I have to have credibility in the first place to have something affect it?

Thank for pointing out the error and for missing the point of that post (which wasn't really about cheeky freshmen but flaws in the system and the lack of solid foundations.)