Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dear fellow Latin students,

Dear "know it all",
Please stop trying to impress the Professor with how smart you are. Not only is it annoying to your fellow students, but it also makes the fact that you haven't learned a single thing all year painfully obvious.

Sunt was on our last test. You should know what that means but now and that its not 3rd person future. You consistently ask questions that the Professor has just finished answering, or re-state what he just said as if it was a grand Revelation.

No love,

Dear "its a imposition that I'm here so make it easier on me",

I'm frankly sick of your tone of voice when the Professor asks you a question or, heaven forbid, asks you to translate a sentence from our homework. Stop acting like he's picking on you or asking such a horrible thing. You oblivious don't care about learning Latin from the way you act and I'm really sick of hearing your snide comments under your breath.

By the way? Just because your older than the Professor doesn't mean you get to ask in a put out voice when he's going to put the lecture online. Really, you sound like a spoiled teenager.

Also no love,

Randomly: I'm in the library at school and a seirn is going off outside. Most people aren't even looking up.

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