Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Falls down dead (an update)

My mother, as I should have known given that hello this is my mother, believed me. Plus had she been in the same country as my step-father at the time I think he'd be missing a few parts. She's making him go back to counseling and if he even 'thinks' about even calling me or she has the slightest hint he's even been near my condo? She's throwing him out.

She took me to dinner Monday. She told me the thing that upset her most was that he'd made me feel has if I was at fault and that he'd made me unsure about telling her. I've always been able to tell and talk to my mother about anything even subjects we disagree on. I'm glad this hasn't changed.

I now have a chain on my door and a alarm company coming out next week. I also had a girlfriend over this weekend who kept me from dwelling on things. Good friends will listen to you, best friends will let you drag them into store after store when shopping for clothes and shoes really isn't there thing.

In other news I'm the biggest dork in the world because I have The Doctor Who technical Manual sitting right next to The Riverside Chaucer.

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