Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tragedy In Denim

My favorite pair of jeans is on their death bed and need a desperate patch to the back two pocket areas in order to save them.

I hope they can be saved without making them unwearable to classes. They're my most comfortable pair of jeans, even if they DO comes from the juniors department. Classic five pocket, mid rise and flared legs. I found this pair at a goodwill four years ago.

I might have to go hunting for a new pair. Even, though, yes I was bitching about needing new bras and that I really didn't think I should have to pay $50 for something from Nodstroms or Dillards.

Back to the jeans. Their (Pairs Blues) website says Khols carries them and the Khols website says they do carry that style. And I think I love Paris Blues even more for being carried at places like Sears and Khols and places like Macy's and Nodstroms.

Though I kind of want to wait to buy any jeans until I lose some weight and get in shape, which with all the walking I'll be doing across campus this semester shouldn't be the hardest thing in the world. I need to drop at least ten pound and firm up someplace. I do worry this will effect my yummy new suit, but I don't think it will effect the fit of the skirt too much. Even if I do drop those ten pounds I won't drop to an eight so I should be fine.

I was going to link to a picture of my suit by the website doesn't have it (damn it they'd better still have it in store because I want to buy the pant when I can use those $25 off cards they gave me). Which makes me fret and want to go into the store tomorrow to see if they still have that suit. If they do I'll see if they'll let me put the pants on lay-away or something until the 11th.

This concludes the rambling clothing post.

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