Monday, September 04, 2006

Get Tom Leykis off the air

On my way home tonight my radio was tuned to one of the local talk radio stations. Now normally this station has very funny, very liberal people on. Hell they hoist love-lines. While some of their people can be assholes they tend not to be misogynist asshole as the guy I heard to night.

Tom Leykis.

First thing I heard one his show was a guy calling in talking about dating a girl that had blamed the holes in her walls on her abusive ex, then said two years later she'd turned me into that guy.

My reaction was pretty much....The fuck?

I waited for the host to smack the guy down and when he didn't I changed the station. Normally that be the end of it, but later while flipping around I landed back on the same station.

Right in the middle of his lovely rant about never ever owning or buying property with a woman. That you should only let a girl move in if your going to marry her, and in opinion you should never get married. And how most women he's been involved with try to get you to buy property with them, and he says it has if these girls are just after his money.

While I was still in shock over the stupidity of this, he took a female caller. She's railing on him about his women hating ways, and when he asks her for examples she cites him saying that men should never date a woman with kids.

To paraphrase him: "I don't want another mans garbage."

I wanted to rip the radio out of my car and throw it at someone. Namely Tom Leykis.

I've emailed the station, with the strong request to replace him with ANYONE else. I'm going to email one of the women on the morning show about it, along with the woman that co-hosts the mid-day show. Give their general personality I'm pretty sure the might at least be able to give me the right numbers to call to make my voice have the most impact.

He isn't local but syndicated so hopefully if enough people get pissed he'll be replaced with a different show.

If Tom Leykis is broadcast in your area call or write that station to try and get him off the air.

I would like to say this in closing: If you move in with a guy and are helping or making the mortgage payment? Make sure your name is on the deed.

If he refuses to but your name on the deed but wants you to pay, get a rental or lease agreement with him. I don't care if you love him, protect yourself.

If you own the place? Make sure your name is the only one on the deed if you marry him. In joint property states get a pre-nup or if you don't and thing go to bad get a good lawyer that will fight for you.


Anonymous said...

Your a stupid bitch, Tom Leykis is a God of radio. Your probably one of the money grubbing whores he is talking about....

Anonymous said...

1: You're not your
2: You felt the need to comment to a post from 2006 because you have a small dick. Yes?
3. I'd rather be a bitch then a "Good little woman" to a sexist asshole like you.


Anonymous said...

So how did that work out? Did you get him off the air?

Anonymous said...

Stop by his house and tell him yourself what you think. The home address of Tom Leykis is:

7840 Fareholm Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90046-2111

blue lanugo said...

They're shutting down his show this Friday at 3PM.

He'll probably turn up again on the radio some day though. Turds tend to float.

Anonymous said...

learn how to spell you have atleast 5 spelling errors in your blog you whore.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, once again big corporations run by "guys" who egos get in the way of common sense have struck again. Here we are facing depression, people are learning to adjust or lose what they thought was a decent life, as now we get to experience the 30's except this time we have credit cards, some churches and family support to live on and help us along.
Meanwhile the big corporations of the media world decides it's a great time to take away what the people want. Just as with the TV corps they show you want they want you to see.
With 97.1 ratings soaring and a breathe of fresh air from sloppy dj's and tacking music which most have learned to steal, borrow or copy down, we have to say goodbye to a format that was entertaining just so one or two could be happy with their choice.
Business class one should tell you that in order to be successful in the business world (if one wants to be) one only needs to: give people what they want! Deversify and multiply a great thing and you will create multiple streams of solid income from consumers who need and love what you have to offer.
Develop a crappy product and you will go out of business. Don't budget right, and you will go out of business. Don't run a country in the best interest of the people... Well, welcome to 2009.

97.1 was just one of many radio stations to choose from. If you liked the talk show hosts on 97.1great. If you had a problem with them then perhaps you could have considered finding a life during that time frame and doing something with it. It's like walking up to a husband and wife watching their kid play baseball and telling them that they should be working and not be sitting around.
Those who have time to listen to talk radio, perhaps learning something about life along the way is at least entertaining and creating conversation between others. Something we forget to do on a face-to-face type situation (with cell phone in hand). Just a fun arena to please those who needed that in their life. I personally didn't care for Adam, could only take HFF for so long and hated Tom in the beginning. But when you realize where they are coming from and who they are trying to reach out to, then perhaps you are maturing to know that if you don't like it, it isn't about you!
The reason one might not approve is because they see life differently. Hey, what a concept! Have your own life, enjoy it, learn at the pace you can handle and laugh once in awhile.

We all think were on this glorious path to Heaven and in reality in this realm of what we know is heaven. This is heaven and perhaps the hell we are heading to is just showing it's narly face a bit sooner by yet another foolish move of egotistic, untalented souls who have control over a few hours in the day and decide the masses don't matter.

I guess if learning about relationships isn't a good thing in this great USA. Then dumbing us down with music from artist who aren't getting their due fees or having them pay radio stations to play their music is what we have come to. I will miss those who made me laugh and think on 97.1...

Lucky for me I understand change and change does bring on better things. So Tom if you are listening, why don't the radio souls that were entertaining us everyday create a webstation or buy some small radio station and start blasting out. For we will always tune in to what is great.

Peace and Love and stay aware..
p.s. funny how when the talk got political on good old 97.1 the talkers went bye-bye...Gotta love those corporations who bend over to the government and right wing religious nuts.

Anonymous said...

While googling tom leykis' name to learn more about the interesting man this article came up. Thanks for the laugh because he gives great advice to young men.

Anonymous said... really should listen to the whole thing Tom is saying...not just what you want to hear.

Tom advises ALL PEOPLE dating ANYONE to live alone. This is the only way you can get the most freedom and do what you want and not have to compromise with others.

Most of the callers to the show tend to be men and the show is geared to men, but trust me, he is far from being misogynistic. He loves women. He has sex with them all the time and he would never trade a woman for anything else; they are the best thing to have sex with for men.

The fact of the matter is that most men want just sex. This is hardwired into the body and mind of a guy.

Human's aren't meant to be monogamous. If that was the case, then women would keep their beauty well into their 70s and men would still find them attractive. What actually happens is that bitches like you, once you marry us guys with money, start relaxing and chunking up, cutting your hair short, and going through headaches....all the while you are getting older and uglier as time goes on.

Tom loves women. I love women. We love young hot women. Just because we don't love women like you doesn't mean that we don't love women.

And if you aren't married, I would not be shocked. Listening to you talk the way you do, I would feel bad for any man who has to put up with that.

To the little bitch at the top there claiming that commenting on a 2006 post because the guy has a "little dick"...hahaha. Keep it up. The more you post "logical" thoughts like this, the more you make your gender proud. Really.

Lastly, though Tom may be off the air (along with all the people from the 97.1 show since they had a format change), a fair amount of the recordings from the show are online ( Plus, Tom will be coming back. His contract from CBS is still in effect till 2012 so he is getting paid to have fun.