Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This really didn't belong with the other post so...

For some reason the end of Lanval with the Lady showing up at just the right moment to save Lanval, then him riding off with her to live happily ever after reminded me strongly of part of the end to Brazil*.

In both cases the 'hero' is saved in very fantasy like way just when things look at their worst and then they ride off with their loves to live happily ever after in some far away place never to be heard from again. Now in Brazil clearly the Sam is being tortured and retreats into his own mind, back into his fantasy world. In Lanval, Marie is writing a lai, so such a fantasy/magical rescues fits in with the reality of that world.

Really there is not to much commonality between the Lanval and Brazil other than this feeling I have on the 'un-realness' of the happy endings.

I'm not sure why my brain even made the jump and similarity is mostly in my head. Oh well.

*I have not seen the movie in several years so forgive me for any mistakes about the plot.

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