Sunday, September 10, 2006

Random updates

I survived my reading in my Chaucer class fairly well. I only really butchered 'countenauce', which was slightly embarrassing because I'd been saying it correctly when I was practicing. The teacher pronounced it twice in class, so of course, I said it completely wrong. I won't know how my translation went until Tuesday, at but least I'll have it back before my second translation quiz.

I did enjoy The Book of the Dutchess. In a 'modern updated' version I could see the Black Knight saying something along the lines of "She's DEAD you imbecile!", in frustration at the narrator near the end of the poem. I'm of the mind that Chaucer as the narrator here played dumb, in part, to provoke the Black Knight into plainly stating his lose. Parts of the poem also reminded me strongly of a scene from Sleepless in Seattle where Tom Hank's character is talking about his dead wife.

Also, Chaucer is a bit of a show off. Yes, I know film at Eleven.

I only wish I could say the same about my first commentary (getting it back before the next one is due that is)from Hist of Brit Lit. I have a second one due on Tuesday over Sir Gawin and the Green Knight (and really I don't remember it having this much 'sex', so to speak, in it when I read it back in Highschool) and I'd rather have known how I did on the first one before starting on the second. But what can you do? It's only a page long so I can't bugger it up too badly.

On a side note if I hear another population stat in the next month, it will be too soon. I'm rather disappointed in the fact that my texts for my Early Modern Europe class are more interesting than the lecture. I've already read most of The Witch Hunt in Early Modern Europe.

I'm going to start the 'reading for pleasure Wednesday' for my sanity I think. I have several books on my 'to read' pile, the least of which are The Historian, A Mad Man Dreams of Turing Machines, and re-reading The Time Traveler's Wife before I need to give it back to my friend (not to mention one or two Doctor Who novels).

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