Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No, I'm not speaking in tongues...

I have to read some of the Book of the Duchess aloud in my Chaucer class on Thursday, not to mention the translating quiz. I'm completely freaked out that I'm going to butcher it and look like an idiot. Or at least more of an idiot after my attempted comment on Lanval and how it relates to courtesy and justice, History of Brit Lit.

Did I mention both are taught by the same teacher and have some of the same students in each? I don't even remember what I was trying to say just that it didn't come out how I wanted it to, plus I could tell if the look the teacher gave me was 'that interesting' or 'dear lord shut up'. I wanted to sink into the floor.

It seems I need to re-train myself to raise my hand after a few years of classes where no one raised their hand, you just sort of spoke up when questions were asked (never interrupting the teacher though).

I had someone ask me today why a history major was taking junior and senior level English classes, because you know there is no reason what so ever that a history major would be interested in the History of British Literature or Chaucer. Plus, never mind that I do have two history courses this semester; Early Modern Europe and History of England to 1688.

Where the intro to mythology fits in all this?

I wanted to, it was open, it vaguely fills one of my requirements, and I've frankly have been wanting to for a few years now.

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