Thursday, May 11, 2006

K'zoo Review Part 1

Wednesday night: I decided within minutes of dragging my bags up the hill to Valley I that next year all my stuff WILL fit into one bag! Within the first hour, I already had a list going for things to bring to better survive the dorms next year. I was much too wired to sleep so I finished Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunart* is one go.

Thursday: 8am Meant to wake up to go to breakfast, wound up walking the exhibit hall for an hour.
9am Started off towards Waldo Library for the XML workshop.
920 Still hadn't found Waldo Library.
940 Decided whoever designed the campus was a sadist with a wicked sense of humor.
950ish Found Waldo! Sadly he was more machine than man..
The first part of the workshop was good, though I wish we'd been allowed to stay and work on our exercises longer. Of course, in my brilliance I had started with the exercise for that afternoon instead of the first session. Doh!
1ish The cafeteria food was much better than expected. They also had my weakness Cherry Coke.
130: Went to a session in Valley II. My biggest lasting impression (after the chair were horrible), was that like a lot of things when marrying a heiress or widow in Richard II England it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission. Though it would be more expensive.
330: Back to Waldo for the second XML session. "Yes! What IS x-path?" I'm telling you, he had us well trained by the end. Maybe this says something about me but I would have loved for another session. Once a coder/programmer always a coder/programmer...
Blogger gathering (I sorry this still make me thing we should have had swords and uttering 'there can be only one): Loads for fun, though I wished I'd gotten their earlier and hadn't rambled on about Montessori so damn much. I can talk about other things! I swear!

Part 2 to follow...

*Which I really enjoyed though I had a few issues with it.

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