Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Zero to pissed and back again

700pm: I'm so pissed off right now I can't even see straight. I busted my ass to get a C in that damn political science class and the university is telling me oh sorry but now you can't come back to 2007.


Since when do a B and a C get you booted the hell out? This is fucking up so much stuff I can't even start. What's even better? I can't even talk to anyone over there because they've all gone home for the day.

I'm so fucked. All that work I did is for nothing because no other U is going to take me, especially not prestigious U.

*makes Hulk smash noises*

745pm: And..and...*takes deep breath*

Okay, mom made me calm down and look at it with out panicking. It seem unlike my old college (where most of my credits are at) they do not automatically replace a D or F with the grade received on repeat. You have to file a letter of intent. Of course my advisor didn't inform me of this when I told her I was repeating the class.

So tomorrow I will call them and see if they will please replace the F with the C. I've already email my advisor at prestigious U telling her that there was an error on my transcript and I'm trying to have it corrected. With all luck this is just a minor speed bump.

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