Monday, May 08, 2006

Not really my Kalamazoo write up

I planned to write up how 'zoo went tonight. Or at least babble on about the people I met, stumbling my way through middle-English in the midst of those with a better grasps than I, and the Malory's Le Morte Darthur reading among other things. I should also try not to giggle like a school girl over meeting Terry Jones and having my picture done with him (he really he a very gracious and kind man). Or you know I should completely 'come out' to at least one person but saying who I talked to for several hours in the airport on Sunday morning.

I do have some thoughts on the blogging round table which I really should put down on paper before I forget.

Sadly this all requires more concentration and keeping my eyes open longer than I'd like. I'm going to stumble to my bed for a few hours. Since it is Monday and I can't miss Almanac or Conquest of History-I, I will stumble back out around 10ish.

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