Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Packing for K'zoo

Mostly packed for K'zoo. Though the 'how many bags' issue is kind of getting to me.

I'm a one carry on-suitcase type of girl, but there is NO way I'll be able to fit everything into my little roll on. My other 'suitcase' is a duffel on wheels. Is anyone else taking two bags, because that might be my the way I go. Really wish I'd picked up a bigger suitcase from Mom's this past weekend.

Laptop? Bring it or no? I'm attached to the hip to it, but since the computer lab is open to us I might forgo it. I would like it for the plane trip and downtime though, since I like watching movies on it (and if I bring it other-insominaics are more than welcome to come watch moviesat night).

I wish I'd thought of the travel iron while I was at Target (but since I don't even own a regular iron), along with a travel hair dryer.

I did pick a new book (as I don't have enough to read), Birth of Venus. I'm going to be totally evil and return it when I come back from the trip. My mother does this with romance novels when she travels, all the time.

Must haves that I'm taking:
Tea bags
Lipton Green tea
surge protector (really, I don't trust dorm wiring)

Any advise for the first time K'zoo go-er?

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