Sunday, May 14, 2006

That damn cat

My orange tabby has decided that he wants to go outside today. Every time the front door opens, out he scoots. The last time, as he ran down the stairs to the courtyard he managed to pounce on a little bird. The poor little thing almost didn't get away as I tried to make it down the stairs in time. Luckily, for the bird anyways, there was a gutter spot near by which the little bird hide in.

My cat thought this was a horrible thing as he wanted the bird. He meorwed pitifully at me as a carried him back up stairs and into my condo. Now he's sitting on the balcony eyeing the birds in the trees. He is also pouting again.*

*He was pouting before since I spent the night at my mother's after taking her out for mother's day.

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