Thursday, March 15, 2007

Breast Bands, Beowulf, and the Thirteenth Warrior

Moved this to its own post, added a few things. Plus how the hell did I type cliff notes instead of footnotes?

I've been playing Twilight Princess in between reading The Cambridge Companion to Dante. One of my big papers is tentatively going to look at Dante's Greek bias. The man seriously did not like the Greeks, not that the Classical sources he used helped matters. I should be working more on my research, since I have four big papers this semster (five if you count the take-home-essay test), but I needed a break.

I'm just so frustrated in my major research project, as anything over the lack of anything on breast binding or breast bands in the Middle Ages, other than the off-handed reference in the Gies' Life in a Medieval City. Curse the unhelpful footnotes and probably sources that are in other languages.

Curse my inability to speak anything but English and a smattering of Kilingon and Minbari.

I'm about ready to scrap the topic in favor of the Church's influence on sumptuary laws and how the power of the secular world eventaully overpowered it. I would love to stick to my original idea but I'm starting to think that I'll need resources that just aren't available to me as an undergrad in Texas.

Not helping matters is the fact I've been thinking off one of my classmates topics (he's looking at positive representations of Muslims in Medieval literature) and in a round about fashion brought my mind the The 13th Warrior (yes Beowulf, is Anglo-Saxon and wouldn't really work fall into his range, but my mind works in odd ways. Side note: Crichton used Beowulf as a 'inspiration' for Eaters of the Dead, later renamed to match the title of the movie. Now there's some mindless trivia for you). I'm now wanting to re-read Beowulf, and rewatch the movie, because I'm pretty sure my mind has jumbled up bits of the movie with bits of the book.

It is always interesting how much film can color our memory of a text.

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