Monday, March 12, 2007

Korean food, spring break, and sitemeter

My place smells slightly of Kimchi, which makes sense since we made a batch of cucumber Kimchi last night. I also discovered, thanks to my girl-friend, a Korean supermarket not to far from me. Yay.

So, I'm on spring break and this means trying to accomplish things.

  • Clean and rearrange bedroom
  • Work on research projects
  • Get my butt over to the library
  • Find copy of the Dante Companion
  • Track down more sumptuary laws for the 1300-1500s. I will find references to breast bands! I will!
  • Take pictures of kitchen table and office chair to post on bulletin board downstairs.
  • Fill out applications.
  • Fill out financial aid stuff
  • Sit by pool and read something that has nothing to do with any of my research

On a side note: As anyone been having trouble with their sitemeters? Mine hasn't budged in almost a week. Not to mention I can't get my comments to revert back to the holoscan version, so I'm not even sure if their working. Help?


Annie said...

Mmmm, kimchi.

History Geek said...

We'll have plenty when you get back!