Tuesday, March 27, 2007

So exhausted

I planned on actually medieval content for this entry, but my brain seems to be stuck on Act of Union 1840. In fact, there are a great many things and dates in my head that only pertain from 1609 until about 1929. My empire exam tomorrow might shed some light on these events.

And in my infinite insanity stupidly..my infinite something I will be taking part in my schools all day reading of the Odyssey. My part doesn't come until almost 9:30 at night but it'll be fun and there are t-shirts. Ah, yes, the siren song that has done in many a undergrad, 't-shirts'.

Couple these facts with a paper on Twelfth Night (and after watching the Nunn version, I do not blame Olivia one bit) due Thursday, and my brain is slowly shutting down. I'm going to jump start myself with sugar and tea before returning to trying to keep dates straight in my head.

In closing this site scares me and this site is hysterical (which I original typed as heretical.)

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