Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend Breather

A weekend out at mum's and I feel decidedly better.

We went out yesterday to Goodwill, a Bath store (for bed risers), and B&N (where I found the radio show of Return of the Jedi). I found a great sling purse at Goodwill that will be wonderful for Ireland, and mum helped me find several pairs of jeans that didn't want to make me cry about my weight. We had lunch then went home. Mum fired up the spa and the weather was just warm enough and just cool enough to make it wonderful. We had crab cakes for dinner and watched Shrek 2 while drinking wine

This morning I slept in and watched the live action version of 101 Dalmatians with mum.

Boring yes, but it was nice not to have a million things to do.

The only real accomplishment this weekend happened today when mum helped me rearrange my bedroom, and I'm much happier with the layout.

I guess I just need to get out of my place for a few days, and change something's around. I have tomorrow off from work so I plan to finish up with a few things before everything starts back in full swing.

One of which is searching for my short essay on King's Quest as Secondary Epic. I might just try to write the blasted think again if I can't find it on my old hard drives. If nothing else I'll have a good reason to break out the games and the guide.

So while I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already, I think I can say I had a good break.

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