Thursday, March 01, 2007

I want a do over please

This morning as been...something else. My Greek religion midterm was this morning and guess who woke up late, forgot her cell phone, and was stuck in traffic for a half hour?

Thankfully I had my Professor office number and called him half panicked and trying not to sound like I was about to have breakdown. He told me not to worry, if I got to class he'd let me start it then take me up to his office to finish it. If I didn't get to class before it was over I could make it up. Of course since I did get to class this meant missing my History Research class. Which I've missed the last three sessions of now, oy.

I'm really hoping he doesn't dock me for not being around to listen to everyone else prospectus. No offence but one day or listening to people who pretty much wanted to write biographies killed me after one day. And oh how I wish I could avoid the rough drafts he wants us turning in through out the semester. I don't do rough drafts.

No, really. So many of my 'proof-readers' (yay having a copy-editor for a friend) are online so its a matter of emailing a document over. Also I tend to write my papers...well lets just say I seem to thrive under pressure when it comes to paper writing (which might be due to the fact the paper is usually mostly written in my head). Now my big 4000 word paper? So already working on it. My 1500 word paper due Tuesday? Err..

Lovely, I just released I left my copy of the Inferno at home. At least I remembered to feed the cats and put pants on.

At least I'm pretty sure I have pants on.

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