Sunday, April 30, 2006

The bra post

I now have four bras that are truly the right size. Yes, a bra that fits well does make a difference. Also it seems my bra size is one of the hardest to find on the whole damn planet! I managed to find only six bras at Khols in my size. Are there really that few women wearing 34D out there? Or are is that there is just that many?

Would it kill stores to make it easier to find sizes? There is no reason you should have a rack mixed with 36c, 44DD, and 32A. I could see if oh the racks were divided into A, B etc or 32, 34 etc, but the randomness is boggling. You cannot blame it on other customers either even the volume and the fact that all the brands seem to have this problem.

There are days I wish I could wear my circular boned bodice, because the back support is lovely. Sadly, I do not work at Hot Topic or anywhere else that a bodice is appropriate work attire.

On a related shopping note I picked up a cute little half jacket and a skirt. All told I only spent 54 dollars at Khols, close to the amount I'd planed to pay for two decent bras.

Really this was my biggest accomplishment this weekend, other than the typical weekend cleaning chores.

I did pick up Casanova but I'm not sure that should be seen as a accomplishment per say.

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