Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Misogyny, stupidity, or both?

I feel like I should write something witty, intelligent and stimulating. Instead I'll bitch about the idiot DJ I heard this morning.

I listen to a radio morning shows on my way to work every morning. Normally the dj's are interesting and funny. Today one of them had me screaming at my radio.

The whole thing started with the ring one of the Desperate Housewives is selling on eBay. One of the DJs said he knew why know one would buy the ring. In fact, he had two ways to tell if your marriage would fail.

Reason 1: If the ring came from a pawn shop.
Reason 2: If the woman asks the man.

Take a guess which reason provoked a response from me?

The other two DJs disagreed with him on the second reason too, thankful. Still the guy kept going on about how it was just wrong for a woman to ask a man. If he didn't ask, the DJ said, then he wasn't ready.

I'll spare you the wild horse and saddle analogy he made over and over again.

To make matters worse, they took callers. Most of the women that called agreed with him!

Am I alone in boggling over this? I'm not even sure if he knew how he sounded, but I almost expected him to say women belong in the kitchen next.

I won't be listening to that morning show anymore.

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