Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Work, applications, and K'zoo

Three months until our contracts are up and still we haven't heard anything. Granted keeping me at the school would take raising my salary to somewhere near industry standards and allowing me to leave early two to three days for classes. The healthcare issue is pretty much a non-issue since we were promised this before Christmas. This is something we're all going to demand.

I'd rather not leave since my fellow teachers are also my friends. The director, a good deal of the parents, and the partners? I'd be happy never to see again. I'm working until five now since we've been over ratio in afterschool, more for the benefit of co-workers and my bank account than my director.

On to school related news. I still hate Texas politics. I just hate it even more now. My application essay might be the death me.

I'm not kidding here.

On a K'zoo note: I'm counting the days. Plus if you're going to K'zoo check out: K'zoo meet-up plans via Dr. V and Ancrene Wiseass(who has one of the best blog names going).

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