Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Insight from panic

For those of you playing along at home, you might remember that I'm applying at a prestigious private school to finish my undergrad. I've been panicking faster than a speeding bullet over the said application lately. Most of the panic itself as little to do with a the application itself or even the application essay of doom(tm).

No, most of my panic, anxiety, and overall freaking out is over "what do I do if they don't accepted me?"

Do I continue on at the State U (not Texas State BTW) with no Medieval Studies department, and the long commute? Do I apply to a few other universities with medieval Studies programs even though this could mean a even longer commute then State U?

I don't have the 'what ifs' Uncle Shelby writers about so much as the "Do Is?".

Through all of this my dear friend who lives too many states, we'll call her English-Shrew, away as been calming me down and smacking me down with reason. For this I'm very grateful, since I really don't have the time for a mini panic attack right now. I also fell like a bit of a heel.

English-Shrew has been applying to grad schools and dealing with all the stress there-in. Stress and panic which I haven't been the most supportive about. Suddenly I realize that 'it will all work out', and 'well you can try again in the spring' are about the least supportive things ever to leave my mouth.

Why she hasn't sent masked men to kill me in my sleep yet, is beyond me. I'm very thankful she hasn't and has given me the support I should have given her.

Though it is entirely possible that she is lulling me into a false sense of security and will soon have me tried for my abuse for the common coma.

And remember what ever you do, don't panic.

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