Saturday, April 15, 2006

How a single girl spends her weekend

I recently had someone ask what a city living single twenty something does with her weekend. I'm sure they were hoping for something out of Sex in the City.

My weekend?

Let's see here, I woke up at eight to wait on the A/C repair man. My A/C was giving off hot air which will not cut it for Texas summer, let alone Texas spring. Fortunately it was a simple wiring problem. Since I moved in just after Christmas I've had my heater and a/c worked on. The home warranty was the best money I ever spent.

Next I went to a few garage/estate sales. I found a chair perfect for my living room. It had a bit of damage, but for five dollars the chair was a good deal. I knew the damage would be an easy enough fix with a bit of wood glue. Then it was on to meet my mom and step dad for lunch at an Italian restaurant with the best pizza in the city.

I went to half-price books and picked a few books. 'The writings of Medieval Women: A anthology', 'Early Medieval' written by George Henderson, The fourth Crusade and the sack of Constantinople by Jonathan Phillips (Cantor gave it a favorable review), and 'The Fourth Estate: A history of women in the middle ages' written by Shulamith Shahar. As half-price was giving away tote bags, I managed to snag two.

To wrap up my exciting day, I napped for two hours before making a very simple chicken and pasta dish. I enjoyed it with a glass of Blachardonnayhardonay while watching Emma.

Tomorrow? Grocery shopping!

Will the whirl wind never cease?

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