Friday, April 28, 2006

Poetry Friday- The Countess of Dia, a Trobairtiz

The Countess of Dia- Estat ai en greu cossirier

I've been in great anguish
over a noble knight I once had,
and I want everyone to know, for all time,
that I loved him-too much!
Now I see I'm betrayed
because I didn't yield my love to him.
For that I've suffered greatly,
both in my bed and when I'm fully clad.

How I'd yearn to have my knight
in my naked arms for one night!
He would feel a frenzy of delight
only to have me for his pillow.
I'm more in love with him
than Blancheflor ever was with Floris.
To him I'd give my heart, my love,
my mind, my eyes, my life.

Beautiful, gracious, sweet friend,
when shall I hold you in my power?
If I could lie with you for one night,
and give you a kiss of love,
you can be sure I would desire greatly
to grant you a husband's place,
as long as you promised
to do everything I wished!

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