Sunday, April 09, 2006

Really Dead Women Writers Meme

Bardiac has started a Really dead women writers meme

This all stemmed from the female author meme. Apparently there were few women listed that wrote before Jane Austen (who herself wrote before 1800).

I've had great fun reading the lists my fellow bloggers have complied. My Amazon wish list is really started to bulge.

The rules? The women must be writers before 1800. Try to list at least five.

Ready to play? Then go at it.

My list:
Dhuoda - Manual For her son
Leonor Lopez -Autobiography
The Stonor Letters
Plumpton Letters

Edit: Seems someone else has listed Dhuoda. So instead:

St. Bridget

I don't think any of the others have been mentioned. Please let me know if they have been.

Other lists: Amanda at Household Opera, Bitch Ph.D, Dr. Virago, Medieval Woman, and La Lecturess.

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Bardiac said...

Hey History Geek,

Thanks for contributing :) Sorry I messed up!