Friday, April 07, 2006

They gave me a F in flirting

How does an open-minded feminist find a 'truly nice guy'?

Subliminal mind control? Chemicals in the water? Neon signs? Tarot Cards?
Looking in guys grocery baskets?

Really help me out here people!

Of course finding one probably won't help me.

I'm terrible at flirting.

The last guy that supposedly flirted with me was a gentleman in his thirties that I met at the bookstore. We talked for about a half-hour before I went to meet a friend waiting at the cafe in the bookstore. She wanted to know if I'd gotten his number.

"Whose number?" I asked cluelessly.
She smacked me with her text book. Something no biology major should ever be allowed to do, I should note.

Now, really the gentleman in question could have just been interested in the topic on hand (Alison Weir's latest book). I certainly didn't 'ping' with him.

He was a nice, intelligent guy and someone I'd consider a candidate as a friend. I invented him to come have some coffee with my friend and I, but he declined.

Notice he didn't offer me his number, and frankly I don't offer mine very often because I usually can't remember the damn thing.

Still, my friend insists he was flirting with me and a co-worker upon hearing the story agree. I find if odd than it is 2006 but if a guy spends more than five minutes talking to you? He must be flirting.

Sparked by Bitch Ph.D's post on flirting among other things. Newsflash: Flirting is fun.

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